Technical & Publications

Discussion Document: Ensuring effective regulation of health and safety risks associated with toxic or flammable refrigerant gases.

2001 Code of Practice: For the reduction of emissions of fluorocarbon refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

2007 Code of Practice Australia and New Zealand Refrigerant Handling and Self Contained Low Charge Systems. Part One | Part Two

Ozone Layer Protection Act 1996

New Zealand BIM Handbook

Seismic Process Guide for Mechanical Service Subcontractors

Q&A about 1 January 2015 for Refrigerant Suppliers Regarding Restriction of Refrigerant Sales

Guidelines for Importing Gas Cylinders into New Zealand

Trial Retrofit of Doors on Open Refrigerated Display Cabinets - Final Report

What all businesses need to know about the new health and safety legislation

Minimising Product Weight Loss - Cleland, D.J., Love, R.J., Merts, I., Bronlund, J.E. (2005)

Panel discussion on ammonia chillers - prepared from the panel discussion within the IIR Conference Ammonia Refrigeration and CO2 Technologies held April 2015, Macedonia

REAL Alternatives European e-learning programme provides information on the save use of alternative refrigerants such as ammonia, hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide and low flammables.

Preventing Legionnaires Disease