Code of Conduct

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This Code of Conduct has been developed under the Rules of the Climate Control Companies Association of New Zealand Incorporated (CCCANZ).  It specifies the Association’s expectations of its members and anyone that members employ or contract to carry out HVAC&R related work.  It indicates to the public that trust and reliance can be placed on those responsible for the conduct of the member companies.

Membership implies that those responsible for the management and operation of an HVAC&R company recognise that at all times it is of the utmost importance that there is constant striving to achieve and maintain high quality and ethical standards of business.

All members of CCCANZ agree to support this Code of Conduct by abiding by its principles in all dealings with their clients, customers, other members of CCCANZ and other stakeholders of the HVAC&R Industry.


To provide:

  • Guidelines for achieving and maintaining high quality and ethical standards of business
  • A basis for the CCCANZ to investigate any complaint

Code of Conduct

Members of the CCCANZ shall:

1.       Act openly, ethically and honestly in their dealings with all parties, this requirement includes advertising, seeking business and taking on new work
2.       Abide by, and uphold, all the requirements of any statutory or professional body established to oversee their respective areas of practice, including the CCCANZ
3.       Have and maintain a sound knowledge of the legal requirements impacting on their chosen area of the HVAC&R Industry
4.       Comply with all relevant laws, regulations and standards of practice, and encourage clients and customers to comply
5.       Provide a skilled and professional service to clients and customers with fidelity, honesty and courtesy, putting aside any compromising interests or loyalties.  Act at all times in a manner that brings credit to the Industry and avoid acting in any way which may serve to bring the Industry into disrepute
6.       Follow sound financial management practices
7.       Have efficient and effective management structures and management systems
8.       Be good employers
9.       Ensure that all advertising, marketing material and conduct of the member company including anyone working for the member company, exhibits a fair representation of all relevant facts, and is therefore not in breach of any relevant statutory regulation or legislation
10.   Act in the best interests of their clients and in accordance with their instructions except where to do so would be unlawful or unethical
11.   Ensure that client instructions are routinely and adequately documented (generally in written form) and followed, except where to do so would be illegal or unethical
12.   Ensure all Companies and practitioners of the business for which they work carry sufficient professional indemnity insurance for the type of work undertaken
13.   Comply with the obligations, rules and policies of the CCCANZ and ensure that anyone working for the member company also complies
14.   Agree to participate in the CCCANZ agreed complaints process if the circumstance arises, engaging in the whole process in an open, ethical and honest manner.