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As part of your membership you can pay less for the things your business needs, from health and safety to electrical products and fuel. CCCANZ has partnered with n3 for 13 years and delivered its Members over $4.2 million* in savings on their business costs in the last year.

It is a simple truth, the bigger you are the better the deals you can make. By joining n3 network of over 12,000 businesses, CCCANZ members get great savings for their business and impressive contract terms with over 100 of New Zealand's leading suppliers.

CCCANZ have partnered with n3 to deliver great discounts for your business and savings you can actually see. On average CCCANZ members save $17,100 per year with n3 and the great news is your n3 membership is part of the CCCANZ benefits package, so you won’t need to pay anything. Three easy ways to receive discounts - open a new account with their supplier, link your existing accounts and trade cards for employees

Complete this supplier checklist by entering your account number or requesting an account with the suppliers listed, enter the number of staff that will receive trade cards (don't forget to read n3's terms and conditions) and send it back to n3 using this handy page! Contact n3 directly on 0508 20 30 40 | Email n3

Member stories

Read here from Ecochill and how they have saved $59,409 with n3

"We’ve been a long term n3 member through the Climate Control Companies Association. The n3 Buying Group is great – having a big pool of companies in the Group means we all get access to better savings. " - Reneé Woodley - Business Support Manager

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