Complaints Process

The CCCANZ takes complaints against its members seriously. Any member of the public may complain to the CCCANZ about a member of CCCANZ.

If you have a complaint about a member of the CCCANZ, you should first advise the member company of your complaint and allow the organisation at least 20 business days to consider and respond to your complaint.

Upon receiving a complaint about a member, the CCCANZ will ask whether you have first complained to the member organisation. If you have not first complained to the organisation, the CCCANZ will advise you to do so.

If you are not satisfied with the organisation’s response to your complaint, you can forward it to the CCCANZ for it to consider. The CCCANZ’s process for considering complaints is simple.

Complaints should be addressed to P O Box 217184, Botany Junction 2164, Auckland emailed to 

The CCCANZ will first determine whether the complaint is within the jurisdiction of the CCCANZ, and that it is suitable for consideration by the Complaints Committee. If it is determined that either the complaint is not within the jurisdiction of the CCCANZ, or is deemed unsuitable for consideration by the Complaints Committee, you and the member company will be advised of this. The decision, including your name and address will be distributed to you and the other parties and may be published on the CCCANZ’s website. If the complaint is deemed to be within the jurisdiction of the CCCANZ and is suitable for the Complaint Committee’s consideration you and other parties will be advised of this. Details will be sent to all parties concerned seeking their opinion and comments and may be published on the CCCANZ’s website.

The Complaints Committee will evaluate the complaint, and if necessary will meet with each party to listen to their complaint and/or response. The Complaints Committee may either:

Make a decision based on information provided by the complainant and the member.


The Complaints Committee will refer both parties to an adjudicator if it is deemed appropriate. The formal adjudication process will be handled by an adjudicator appointed by the CCCANZ. CCCANZ will pay for the cost of the adjudicator. Any other costs associated with the process are the responsibility of the complainant and the member company.

Climate Control Companies Association New Zealand (CCCANZ) Appeals Process

Decisions of the Complaints Committee may be appealed on certain grounds. The main grounds are:

  • New evidence
  • The rules of natural justice were not observed
  • The decision was against the weight of evidence.

A request to appeal against the decision of a Complaints Committee shall be made in writing to the Chair of the CCCANZ within 14 business days of receipt of the Complaints Committee’s written decision. The Chair will respond with a decision within 10 business days and the decision of the Chair is final.