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Categories of Membership:

The classes of Members/Affiliates and the method by which Members/Affiliates are admitted to different classes are as follows:

Member - A Member is a duly registered limited liability company, actively engaged in the practice, design and construction, erection, maintenance, servicing, supply and/or administration of mechanical services, refrigeration (including refrigerants), heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment and systems. In addition, to qualify as a Member, the Member must meet the membership criteria set by the board from time to time.

Affiliate - An Affiliate is a government entity, society, consultant, franchisor/master franchisor, manufacturer or individual engaged in business activities that influence or impact on the Society’s industries and is supportive of the previously named industries but who would otherwise not qualify as a Member or Associate.

Logo Usage -  We encourage all members to widely promote the organisation by using the logo on their company website and other marketing collateral. To view the brand guidelines please click here and to receive the CCCANZ logo, please click here

**All Members must have a current and appropriate Health and Safety Policies Manual**

**INSURANCE Important Note: **
This Company has and maintains appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance coverage or confirms that we do not provide advice or design services.  We understand that provision of advice or design services without adequate PI Insurance breaches CCCANZ Membership and results in disqualification and termination of membership.