Membership Fees and Classes

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*Fees for full membership are based on Company Turnover for the year and are exclusive of GST.

**There is a one-off $100 application fee for new members and affiliates.

Classes of Membership

The classes of membership are Members and Affiliates.


A Member is a duly registered limited liability company, actively engaged in the practice, design and construction, erection, maintenance, servicing, supply, management, and/or administration of mechanical services, refrigeration (including refrigerants), heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and systems.


An Affiliate is a company, partnership, independent contractor, society, or individual training organisation, training provider, government entity, consultant, franchisor, manufacturer and is supportive of the previous named industries or engaged in business activities that influence of impact on the Society's industries but who would not otherwise quality as a Member.




Affiliate N/A $1100.00
Member $0-$600k $500.00
Member $600k-$1m $750.00
Member $1m-$3m $1100.00
Member $3m-$6m $2100.00
Member $6m-$10m $3200.00
Member Over $10m $4200.00

  Payment Methods

  •  By Invoice or Credit card