The Invisible Elephant in the Climate Change Room!

Important climate change information for major users of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) equipment

In October 2019, the government announced it was going to regulate six priority waste products for which the relevant industry would have to implement a Priority Waste Product Scheme. F-gases are one of the six priority waste products.

The industry organisations collectively represent the bulk of the HVAC&R industry, and we believe the current scheme fails the government's expectation that the product stewardship is end-to-end. To that end we are now making our own Product Stewardship Scheme (PSS) application.

The industry PSS is the only scheme that is supported by industry, that is designed as a true end-to-end solution and have been developed with industry experts. CCCANZ companies are all committed to high standards of business competence, and they promote a standard of workmanship and design for companies to adhere to. CCCANZ Chair Malcolm Miller says "Our industry is on a journey to develop and implement a world leading solution that could make a significant contribution to mitigating the impact of global warming. Our partner associations of IRHACE, RLNZ and RPGNZ all know the importance of this issue and we are working on our Product Stewardship Scheme application ahead of the government's July 2023 deadline".

Workplace safety is a key component of the wider solution we are working on alongside technical education and training.

Read more about this in the November 22 IRHACE Journal,