CCCANZ representation with the government has been a key focus in 2018 and we have placed more prominence on our industry making submissions. The government hasn't been shy either and in line with the intent of the new government to collaborate, the submissions have been more plentiful and relevant to our industry.

Listed below are many of the Submissions CCCANZ have made in 2018 in order to reinforce that high level of advocacy for our entities and the wider HVAC&R Industry. 

Thank you to all those in the industry who have helped shape these submissions.

Going forward, feel free to make contact if you wish to discuss or provide feedback for any impending submissions.



Month Title Download here
March Submission on Reform of Vocational Training (VET) Submission_VET






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Submission Discussion Document:

"Ensuring effective regulation of health & safety risks associated with toxic or flammable refrigeration gases"

November Briefing Paper for Ministers Parker and Shaw, Re Kigali Amendment November
October  Consultation on draft regulations to implement the Kigali Amendment in NZ - Ministry for the Environment (MfE) October
September Briefing Paper to Minister Parker, Minister for the Environment, regarding Kigali Amendment September
September Presentation to Environmental Select Committee September_ESC
August  Public Submission on Amendment to Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer - MfE August
July Review of Standard AS/NZS1571, Copper Seamless Tubes - Standards NZ July_ASNZ
July Electrical Workers Registration Board Consultation Document - Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment (MBIE) July_EWRB
July Consultation on Zero Carbon Emissions Bill - MfE July_ZCB
June Health and Safety at Work Strategy Feedback - Worksafe June_HSAW